Building Confidence

Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child is a private Catholic coeducational elementary school in Summit, New Jersey.

For so many reasons, this is a special place:

  • We offer a dynamic program of study
  • We celebrate individuality, creativity, physical capability and service
  • We prepare children to meet the wants of the age
  • And, above all, we put God at the center of everything.

Our founder, Cornelia Connelly, famously prayed, “Give me, O Lord, a love full of action.” Her prayer still inspires and defines us today.

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Global View of Education

Oak Knoll is part of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, a global network that includes 10 schools across the U.S. and 13 overseas.

Mission Focused

While community service is not mandatory, 100% of students serve the community in some way throughout the year.

Small by Design

Oak Knoll's classes are intentionally set small with lasting values. Average class size in grades preK-4 is 12 and 18 in grades 5-6.

A Tone of Kindness and Respect

The entire school sets a tone of kindness and respect for others that permeates everything the students do. The students are kind, intellectually curious and have multiple opportunities to excel. The technology in the lower school has no peer that I've seen from any independent school in the area.

With everything we do, we prepare students to make an impact on society. Our graduates think globally, act morally and lead with conviction to make the world a better place.

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